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In Ground Pools

Pool building starts with the dry and rough empty lot of land in your backyard. After the designs are finalized, the empty area is marked and readied for landscaping. The pool builders send out the excavators to unearth the ground. This phase of pool building is part of the first stage where the ground becomes a canvas for your soon-to-be in ground swimming pool. For this part of the pool building process, the site is pretty much a mess of earth piling in your backyard.

The pool builders will then place wall panels that will act us visual markers to setup the next part of pool building. The wall panels are usually steel, solid and observable, as much as possible. In this part of the pool building phase, a transit is placed in the middle of the shallow part of the hole to make sure the walls are at the same stature. After a few adjustments and realigning, the pool kit is assembled.

As for the pool kit, the material will depend on what you have ordered. Let us assume you ordered a polymer pool kit. The pool building process is the same as the process of installing steel markers. The builders then set the pool wall panels on blocks. With the aid of the transit in the previous phase, the blocks are placed in accordance to the same height. By this time, options such as the plumbing pipes are added to the pool.

In the next pool building phase, the braces must be attached to each pool panel, and by this time, the cement truck pours cement on each brace and has it plumbed. What’s the rationale of the cement? Well, it keeps the wall in place and adds strength for when water is added to the pool water. Later on, a solid concrete collar is placed around the base of the panels to guarantee firmness. With the options like skimmers, steps, and jets installed, the next focal point of the pool building process is at the pool floor.

For the pool floor, sand is placed to make a nice smooth pool base; however, some clients prefer cement for more solidity. Then comes the part where the floor is floated and troweled to make it smoother. Here, the “rough draft of the canvas” is pruned out and you’ll see your pool shape coming to life.

Once the pool floor is all set, the pool liner is sent in. For those of you asking what a pool liner is, it’s the blue surface that brings out the color of your pool. It is rolled up at the end of the pool. In pool building, liner installation usually requires caution because the liner is thin enough to be ripped apart; and builders are also hoping that the liner fits the pool.

After the liners are adjusted for any visible wrinkles, the pool is filled with water and you are nearing the final stages of pool building. The builders then fill the back of the pool walls with dirt and the dive board stands, ladder and rail cups are ready for installation. After a few weeks of settling the cement and dirt, the final touches are installed to add to your pool décor.

With all of the phases of pool building completed, you can now plunge your way to fun in your brand new in ground swimming pool.

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