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Who is worse than a con artist? People will have different answers for this question. But there is no one worse than the con man except the man who is being conned. In countless situations, you can see people end up being victims of fraud. It is sad but nowadays, these situations are very typical. It’s the clients’ prerogative whether they do something or not. The seller and buyer will always meet at the equilibrium in every transaction, even your everyday pool builder. It is the duty of every client or buyer to know what he or she is getting into.

Remember, aside from treachery and fraudulence, ignorance is also a sin. Know more about your pool builder. Take note that the pool builder will always be a step ahead because he is finding ways to sell his services and products. You, as a client, can also be a step ahead by following these guidelines to save yourself from ignorance: identify, prune, take notes, compare, and review.

The cliché, “No man is an island” is the stepping stone to any buyer in admitting, “I need someone to do these things.” In terms of building a swimming pool, not everyone has the time to build a swimming pool and therefore, we rely on the pool builder. We identify every pool builder in the district or city; hence we list down the name of each company that offers pool building services. Furthermore, broaden your horizon, check the yellow pages and browse the Internet.

When you have already finished your list of pool building companies, it is time to select the pool builder who is most qualified.

Anyone can claim he is an experienced pool builder — whether it’s the truth or not, the point is if he is an excellent pool builder, he must have proof. He must be certified. He should have undergone training and tests from the National Spa and Pool Institute. In other words, you as a buyer should prune out the pretenders from the builders. If all the companies in your list are certified, check the references. Find past clients of these companies and ask about the quality of their services.

Don’t hesitate to be a note geek. If you come across a sales representative of that company, take down notes of any promises or claims. It’s important to document the pool builder’s incentives because you have to check if they really “walk their talk.” Note taking means you have to be critical and being critical means that you don’t agree to any options right away. Again, there is nothing wrong with checking up on the competition.

The last step is the most important one, and that is review. Don’t make any final signatures until you are 100% positive confident about your pool builder.


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