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Pool Contractor

After doing the necessary preparations for you pool plans, you should have finally selected your pool contractor. However, this does not mean that all your woes on your project are over. Take note that hiring a contractor is a means for your pool project, not an end. Your selected contractor may not be your final solution in making your ideas into a reality. So, in the middle phase of your transaction, the contract signing is very crucial for you and your pool contractor.

A detailed and specific agreement will help remove any possible conflict or tension between you and your pool contractor. Moreover, the agreement, in the form of the written contract, promotes both parties to work together as equals in accomplishing the desired goals.

Among other things, the contract comprises a description of the proposed pool project and the equipment to be used.

Be certain that everything noteworthy is indicated and described in the contract: the amount of money you are going to spend; the color, size, weight, quality, quantity and brand name of the materials and equipment that the pool contractor is going to use. In addition, don’t forget to include every aspect that you feel is important to get the job done, like the removal and cleanup of debris, and most importantly, the safety of individuals during construction (especially children and pets).

For your benefit, here is a checklist of specifications in a contract:

• The pool contractor’s name and address
• The contractor’s license number
• The estimated date for day one of work
• An account of the contract price, equipment, materials, and work to be done
• A timetable of payments in reference to the completed work’s worth
• An explanation of what comprises the start of work
• A notice for your pool contractor that failure without lawful excuse to instigate work within 20 days from the start date, is a violation of Contractors License Law

The contract between you and your pool contractor should contain the sum price of the expenses of the service. Make sure the financial terms are understandable and clear.

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