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Pool Building Tips

Here are some tips when you are looking for the right pool builders.

Pool companies that have been around for years usually have a good status; but like most fields, there are exceptions. One thing you should do is ask for references from past pool builders’ clients. If the clients have any pools under construction, inquire if you can visit the site and converse with the homeowner about their experience with pool installation. Of course, you need to be sure that they are not caught up in any legal disputes.

Be cautious if that specific pool builder had a different name before their current one. If they had a previous company name, it may mean that they changed their name because of bad reputation or BBB marks.

Is that pool builder a licensed and bonded contractor? Although some states do not entail licensing, I am sure you would want to hire a licensed contractor. Most homeowners who have had a bad experience with pool builders hired an unlicensed contractor.

You have to make sure that any damage that occurs during installation, whether property or individuals, is covered. In this case, it pays to know what insurance types you have in place.

If the pool builders’ warranties are not spelled out in writing, then be careful. If they are spelled out, then get a copy and familiarize the exclusions and coverage. One of the things to verify is a clause that specifies coverage for things out of your control, such as storm damage.

Make sure to ask the pool builders if they provide service after completion. This is vital because your questions and concerns will move around pool maintenance. There will be times in the future when you will need your pool serviced.

If there are pool builders who refrain from giving out instructions, then be cautious. Any answer other than yes is not acceptable. They are the pool builders and they are the experts.

As pool builders, they should not leave any of the workers’ debris or garbage. Most installation projects are messy, but it does not mean they can leave the work area in a mess. Always make it a point to remind the pool builders that you do not want to be the one to clean up their mess.

Prior to saying yes to any agreement, you need to confirm whether those pool builders are client-centered or self-centered. Will they be responsible for any damage to the house and/or nearby properties? You have to work this out before you move forward with any pool projects.

Paperwork, like permits, should be worked out as early as possible. Permits can be a headache.

Although these are just a few hints or pointers for homeowners who want to transact with pool builders, these will help in making sure that you choose the right pool builders.

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