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Pool Coping

Let’s get down to the point; the best place in your house to have a good time, as well as to relax, is your swimming pool. There are many producers who work to make sure that your swimming pool is an entertaining and secure place.

Now, let’s get to one of the displays that improves your pool design, the pool coping.

To begin with, what is pool coping? It’s a pool accessory that is attached to the edge of the pool. It’s also one of the factors for blending the pool with the landscape. There are several types of swimming pool coping, but there are four types that are very well known for their visual artistry and practical purposes or safety.

First is the rolled edge coping that is made mostly from brick, concrete or cast stone. Its edges are smooth and rolled into a thick bulk that usually points upwards. With this feature, the rolled edge acts as a place hold that assists swimmers. Hence, the rolled edge type of pool coping is a good pick for swimming pools, because of its visual, practical, and security features.

The second type is the bull-nosed pool coping, which is probably the most used type of coping. Mostly made from cast stone, bull-nosed coping displays more of the pool compared to the rolled edge coping. The bull-nosed coping is shorter, bulkier and round-like edge.

The third type is the cantilevered pool coping. This type of coping evokes a combination of contemporary and stern look to the pool: contemporary because it is normally used in most swimming pools, and stern because of its flat perpendicular edges. With its shape, it gives the pool a more simple and elegant feel compared to the bull-nosed pool coping.

Then lastly, there is the rough-cut pool coping. From the name itself, it has a coarse edge and it is made from rough stone. Among the types mentioned, the rough-cut displays a more laid-back and quasi-minimalistic appearance.

These are just samples of various copings. There are other types like curve coping, circular coping, diamond coping, inverted angle coping, and many more. All of them are available in the pool market; however, the four coping types described above are the most popular and practical for majority of pool users. So just look through your local pool store, purchase, make your pool more attractive, and boost your pool’s splendor with the help of various styles of coping.

Pool coping is obtainable in a broad selection. You can find a lot of information about pool coping from pool companies or their websites, swimming gyms, periodicals, and through referrals.


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